Meteorology Faculty and Staff

Sytske Kimball, Ph. D.

Sytske Kimball, Ph. D.
Department Chair

Hurricanes and Meteorological Observing

Office: ELSB 135

(251) 460-7031
John Lanicci John Lanicci, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Severe storms, Aviation meteorology, Environmental security

Office: ELSB 384

(251) 460-6382
Andrew Murray, M. Sc. Andrew Murray, M. Sc.
Senior Instructor
Hurricanes, Severe Convective Storms, Weather Forecasting
Office: ELSB 381

(251) 460-7325
Wesley Terwey, Ph. D. Wesley Terwey, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Convective processes, Hurricanes, Severe weather
Office: ELSB 385

(251) 461-1389