Mitchell Woltring, Ph.D.

Mitchell Woltring, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport
Sport and Recreation, Sport Management, Leisure Services


B.S., Sport Management, Minnesota State University, 2009
M.S., Sport Management, Middle Tennessee State University, 2013
Ph.D., Human Performance (Concentration in Leisure and Sport Management), Middle Tennessee State University, 2015

Teaching Philosophy

The basis of teaching is continuing to learn alongside students. In order to equip them with the requisite knowledge to make an impact in the professional world, a teacher must be abreast on the newest developments in the industry. Sport management is a constantly evolving discipline and if teachers expect high quality work from students they must reciprocate that effort in their preparation. Student information synthesis is increased through experiential learning, so providing access to such opportunities is imperative to prepare students to succeed in their post-graduate lives. Our educational goals are to provide students with the knowledge, experience, and skills to achieve their goals. The diversity of our students necessitates diversity in curriculum and teaching styles in order to meet their needs. I believe in tailoring specific courses to the individual students as much as possible and empowering students to work towards achieving their goals.


My research focuses around two specific areas: sport analytics and sport economics; often meshing the two to produce meaningful research. Sport analytics involves using statistics to quantify both on- and off-field production in order to identify and exploit advantages. Sport analytics often are at the root of sport economics as the bottom line is always a consideration. Sport is a unique industry because of its ability to record and quantify everything that occurs which lead to my intrigue in statistical analysis. League, team, positional, and individual player statistics are readily available for comparison, analysis, and scrutiny. Sport provides every researcher with what they want: reliable numbers about what is happening. Having reliable information already available provides a researcher with the ability to undertake research endeavors in a more timely fashion because of the availability of data. I find this to be a clear and distinct advantage of my research interests. My specific interests include research in the areas of competitive balance in professional sport, the relationships between winning percentage and individual variables, and the game of baseball in general.


I look forward to many opportunities to serve the university as I progress in my career. Currently, I am serving on several department committees including: Technology Committee, Graduate Admissions Committee, Leisure Studies Curriculum Committee, and Writing Committee. With others in the department I will be coordinating students in service learning opportunities throughout the community. In the past I have served the community in many avenues such as coaching high school baseball, coordinating high school and college sport events and tournaments, and individual volunteering opportunities. As I become involved in the Mobile and greater Gulf Coast communities I am excited about serving the community in many capacities.


Dr. Woltring is originally from West Bend, Wisconsin and is married to Sarah Woltring, a teacher at Murphy High School in Mobile. Together they have dog named Lambeau, and are both avid Green Bay Packer and Milwaukee Brewer fans. In addition to his educational background, he has served many professional roles in the field of sport management. He has worked in high school sports, worked for the Middle Tennessee State University baseball team, and has also worked for the La Crosse Loggers Baseball Club, the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, and the New York Mets Baseball Club. These professional involvements supplement my teaching as I am able to incorporate them into my lessons and class discussions. I look forward to becoming involved with professional organizations in the Gulf Coast community in order to further my own knowledge and open opportunities to my students for experiential learning.


 LS 391 - Leadership in Leisure Services
LS 483 - Issues in Leisure Studies
PE 475 - Organization and Administration in Health and PE