The Dissertation is a significant body of work that represents the culmination of the student’s research efforts that resulted in the awarded doctoral degree. Below is a list of the doctoral dissertations produced by the USA Ph.D. students.

  1. Bikash Rhanabat, "Magnetic Compaction force Assisted Additive Manufacturing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites and System Architecture Investigation using System Modeling Language (SysML)", October 7, 2020. Advisor: Dr. KT Hsiao
  2. Tom Wade, "An Engineered System for Suppression of Large-Scale Wildfires", May 2020. Advisor: Dr. Henry Lester
  3. Sebastian Kirmse, "Towards the Commercialization of a Carbon fiber composite Reinforced with Carbon Nanofiber Z-Threads Utilizing a Hybrid Lean Launchpad / Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach", October 2019. Advisor: Dr. KT Hsiao
  4. Mattias Colomb, “Scalable Hydrodynamic Model for the Hydrochlorination Reaction and Experimental Verification on a Pilot-Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor”, April 2016
  5. Kari Lippert, “Toward the Evolution of Information Digital Ecosystems”, May 2018
  6. Barbara Turrens, “Toward Systems Complexity in Modern Shipbuilding”, May 2018
  7. Jacob Deal, “A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Pt-CeOx/Al2O3 Catalysts: The Effect of Production Pathway”, July 2018
  8. Meagan Bunge, “The Application of Systems Engineering to Functionalize Fabrics at the Nanoscale”, July 2018
  9. Salter, Cody, “Towards Early Lifecycle Prediction of System Reliability”, July 2018
  10. Sam Mayes, “Improving Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Through Systems Engineering”, September 2018