The application portal for admissions for the fall 2022 semester is currently open. Applications are due by December 15, 2022. No extensions to this deadline will be offered. We will be holding a virtual open house on Monday 10/18/2021 from 6-7pm CT. See the main CCP webpage for details and instructions on how to register for this event.

Entrance Requirements

In addition to meeting graduate school requirements for regular admission, applicants to the Clinical & Counseling Psychology program must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have completed at least 21 semester hours of prior psychology courses (usually at the undergraduate level) including a statistics course, and a course in research design and methods. 
  • Applicants for the 2022 admissions cycle are required to complete and submit their score from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). There is no minimum GRE score and the GRE is only one piece of data that is used within a holistic review of an applicant's file.
  • The program's model of admission highly values the degree of fit between the applicant's clinical and research interests and that of an identified faculty mentor. Students are assigned a mentor at admission and this individual serves as the primary advisor and thesis and dissertation chair. Applicants must articulate in their admissions materials how their prior training, goals, and career aspirations align with both the program and an identified prospective faculty mentor.
  • Lastly, the program is a unique integration of clinical psychology and counseling psychology. Applicants are advised to articulate in their admission essay why such a program philosophy is a good fit with their own philosophy, interests and goals. 

Routes to Admission

Applicants can apply at one of two stages of their education.

  1. Admission with a Bachelor's Degree: Most students apply having earned a bachelors degree in psychology previously. If accepted, students admitted at this stage earn a master's degree in psychology along the way to earning their Ph.D.

  2. Admission with a Masters Degree: Completion of an advanced degree (Master of Science/Arts/Education) in mental health profession, e.g. clinical or counseling psychology, community/mental health counseling, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy or a similar program from an accredited institution. The completed Master's degree need not be from one of USA's programs. Students with masters degrees in fields other than psychology often will have a larger number of courses that need to be remediated.

Admissions Deadline:

Students are admitted at a single-point each year (Fall semester). No spring or summer admissions will be accepted. Applications to the CCP Graduate Program should be completed by December 15 for admission for the following fall. 

Application Materials

Applicants to the CCP Program must submit the following through the University of South Alabama
online admissions portal (please note that the CCP program is listed under the Graduate School):

  1. Pay the application fee (no waivers of the application fee are available)

  2. Complete the Personal Information & Academic History sections of the online application

  3. Under the Academic History section you will submit a copy of your unofficial transcripts from each institution of higher education in which you have enrolled since graduation from high school, regardless of whether a degree was earned. Although the application asks for you to submit official transcripts, these are NOT necessary for your application to be reviewed. Official transcripts will be necessary if an offer of admission is made, but these can be requested at that time. 

  4. Under the Supporting Information section, request three letters of recommendation from professional and/or academic references.

  5. Under the Program Materials, click on the program's name again, and then click on the Documents tab and submit your personal statement and resume. Your statement of interest/purpose should describe:

    1. Any prior training, experience, and special credentials that make you a particularly good applicant for our program
    2. Your training and professional aspirations, including the specific clinical and research interests you wish to pursue

    3. How your interests and professional goals align with the faculty mentor you would like to study and conduct research under in the CCP program

  6. Also in the Program Materials section, click on the Questions tab and answer all of the program-specific questions you find there.

  7. International applicants should contact the International Admissions and Student Programs office for additional requirements.


No decision regarding in-person vs. virtual interviews for the 2022 admission cycle have been made at this time. 

Admissions Decisions

Applicants will be notified of admission decisions on or before April 15. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer feedback on individual applicants who were not offered admission. Admissions to the CCP is highly competitive. The program typically receives around 150 applications each year and accepts between 6-8 students for admission.