Faculty News


On September 2, at the USA National Alumni Association annual meeting, Dr. Gregory Prescott received the Andy and Carol Denny National Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award for the University. 

Drs. Gregory Prescott and Carol Vann had an article appear in the September/October issue of the Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance.  The article, entitled The Effects of National Culture on Financial Statement Comparability: A Survey of Research Findings, was featured in the journal's annual International Accounting & Finance issue. 


Faculty Presentations at the Academy of Management Conference in Vancouver, Canada August 2015

Bill Gillis and Alan Whaley (DBA Student) presented a paper titled “Leadership Development Programs and the Hospital Middle Manager: Does program content align with desired goals?”

Lauren Rich presented a conceptual paper "The Link Between Organizational Culture and Individual Work Behavior: the Value of Regulatory Focus."

David Turnipseed and Elizabeth VandeWaa (College of Nursing) received the award as the Runner up Best Paper in Healthcare Track.  Their study is titled, “The little engine that could: Psychological empowerment and citizenship behavior.”

David Turnipseed also presented a paper titled “Academic entitlement and aversive personality: Does the Dark Triad predict academic entitlement?”

Other Management News

Treena Finney conducted 2 continuing education workshops in June 2015 for Mobile County Personnel Board and SGS Minerals.  The Workshop Title is "T(raditionalists) to (Gen)Z and In Between:  Collaborating across the Perceived Generational Divide."

Bill Gillis was re-elected President of the Corpus Christi Catholic School Advisory Committee for a second term.

Don Mosley, Bill Gillis and Scott Cohen (DBA Student) presented a paper at the Southern Management Association meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida in October.  The paper, “Developing an engaged, satisfied municipal workforce: The impact of goal and supervisor orientations,” was co-authored by Chad Carson (Samford) and Scott Boyar (UAB)

Donna Retzlaff-Roberts is a co-author and editor on two recently published books: The Evolution of Acupuncture in Alabama, with co-authors John Stump, Kristin Kalmbacher, Sarita Cox,and  David Sniezek, and Creating Wellness: An Integrative Approach, with co-authors John L. Stump (Author, Editor), Donna Retzlaff and David P. Sniezek (Editor)

Lauren Rich successfully defended her dissertation on August 25, 2015; the title is, The link between organizational culture and individual work behavior: the value of regulatory focus.  Congratulations, Lauren!

David Turnipseed presented a paper at the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting in February.  The paper is “Do owners and managers really differ? An examination of satisfaction with overall firm performance in small and medium size enterprises.”  Co-authors are Melanie. Lorenz (PhD student Alabama), John Gamble (Texas A&M at Corpus Christy),  Mark Weaver (recently retired from MCOB).  The paper won the award for Best Doctoral Student Paper for Melanie Lorenz.

David Turnipseed and Scott Cohn (DBA student) published a paper “Academic entitlement and socially aversive personalities:  Does the dark triad predict academic entitlement?” in Personality and Individual Differences, (2015) 88, 72 - 75.

David Turnipseed and Elizabeth VandeWaa (College of Nursing) published “Panacea or Placebo? An Evaluation of the Value of Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare,” in the Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, (2015) 38, 4. 

David Turnipseed, Melanie Lorenz, John Gamble, and Mark Weaver published “Do owners and managers really differ? An examination of satisfaction with overall firm performance in small and medium size enterprises,” in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, (2015) 16 (3), 171–181.



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