JaguarsCare - About the Initiative

  • Student emptying wheelbarrow full of dirt
  • Female student holding two puppies
  • Three volunteers in front of Softball Complex
  • Student diving in mud at Oozeball


The JaguarsCare Service Initiative brings together hundreds of alumni, students, faculty and staff volunteers to make an impact in their local communities each year - all in the name of the University of South Alabama. Since the Initiative began in 2014, USA alumni volunteers have contributed to more than 106 projects and more than 11,100 service hours to their communities.

Bringing South Alabama alumni together to make a difference at throughout the month of April every year makes a substantial impact on both the individuals involved in this shared experience and their communities.  Projects are alumni-led and reflect the diversity of alumni interests and passions. We encourage alumni chapters and groups to rally together for larger projects and individuals to participate in smaller communities.