Studio Reservations

Studio Reservations

*Studios are temporarily closed for members' reservations and will be utilized for SouthFit classes only.*

Studios may be reserved any time that SouthFit programs and Health, Kinesiology, and Sport activity classes are not occurring. Only current USA students or student organizations, university departments, and Recreation Center members may reserve the studios. 




Information on free studio reservations:

  1.  Studios can be reserved up to seven days in advance via the Campus Recreation Portal.

  2.  Studios are reserved in 30-minute time slots.

  3.  Members can reserve up to two 30-minute time slots per day (60 minutes per day). 

  4. Only water and drinks in a re-sealable sports bottle are allowed. No food is allowed in the studios. Please throw away all trash and remove personal belongings.

  5. Only non-marking court shoes are allowed. Do not put tape or adhesives on the wood floors.

  6. Campus Recreation may cancel a member’s free reservation any time for a Campus Recreation event or academic program.  Members will be notified via email; please make sure your email address is up-to-date in the Campus Recreation Portal.

Information on studio rentals:

  1. Rental Option A:  Studios 1 and 2 can be reserved by USA student organizations or departments more than seven days in advance for a special event or if more than 60 minutes is needed. There is no charge for USA student organizations or departments. Only the space and stereo are available; no fitness equipment is included.
  2. Rental Option B:  Studio 1, Studio 2, and the Cycle Studio plus the SouthFit equipment are available to rent. Fee includes microphone, stereo, steps, risers, exercise balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, dumbbells, BOSUs, TRX suspension trainers, mats, kettlebells, yoga mats and props, Spinning bikes, and more. This rental requires all participants be age 10+ and dependent hours apply. The cost is $25/hour for USA student organizations or departments with USA participants ONLY.  The cost is $75/hour for USA student organizations or departments with non-USA participants.
  3. For both rental options, please email to check studio availability.
  4. Please wait until your studio reservation is confirmed to pay. You will be sent an invoice. Upon receipt, please pay with a credit or debit card via the Campus Recreation Portal.
  5. SouthFit can also provide a private group fitness class for your group.  Choose from any of our current class types.  Cost is $45 for up to one hour and includes the instructor and all equipment.  To set up a private class, email your request to Private classes must be paid for in advance via our Campus Recreation Portal. We do not accept departmental funds transfers for private fitness classes.
  6. Conducting unapproved group fitness classes without the consent of Campus Recreation is prohibited. All outside, approved group fitness instructors that are associated with a group's private rental must submit a current Certificate of Insurance with the University of South Alabama listed as additional insured.


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