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Mission Statement

Our mission, as directed by President Waldrop, is first to our students to transport them in an efficient & timely manner from housing areas to academic areas of campus. When considering your transportation request, USA vehicles will be used when available or a combination thereof. If JagTran buses or USA Athletic buses are not available due to our mission, athletics needs or mechanical issues, chartered vehicles will be requested as an option for transportation. The rates will be communicated to you before confirming the charter. Buses will be onsite and ready to load for departure approximately 30 minutes prior to your designated departure time.

Please note: Drivers may only drive 10 hours and be on-duty 15 hours per day before having 8 consecutive hours off. This includes the transportation time to and from the group's loading point. Any trips exceeding these hours would require an additional driver or late hotel check-out for driver to rest.

Additional Fees

It is the responsibility of the requesting department to provide the following: Any tolls, parking fees, cancellation fees or damages to the equipment used, a single hotel room for each driver on overnight trips & meal reimbursements.

Estimated Costs

Estimated costs are listed below based on your request & itinerary information provided. Estimated charges include time up to 90 additional minutes to cover required pre-trip & post-trip inspections, fueling & staging time. All estimates are subject to change. Final costs are calculated based on the actual bus trip report of driver(s). An invoice copy will be emailed to the requesting department after month-end. Invoices are settled by fund transfers with the FOAPAL number provided by requesting department.

Current Rates

Currently, our JagTran bus charges are $75.00/three-hour minimum per vehicle which includes campus mileage of ten miles. Any additional are charged at a rate of $24.00 per hour, plus mileage of $1.50 per mile. Our USA 56-passenger buses are charged at a half-day rate of $300.00 each or $600.00 all-day rate & includes mileage of 50 miles per day. Any additional miles are charged at a rate of $1.50 per mile.

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