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Neil Chaudhary, named the 2020-21 University of South Alabama Board of Trustees Scholar, is a biomedical sciences student and plans to pursue a career in medicine.“I wasn’t anticipating extra financial aid or anything, but I was definitely very happy and grateful,” he said

Neil Chaudhary, with a 35 ACT, is pursuing a career in medicine. An 'early spark' was his grandmother's struggles. Read More

Madison English, a freshman at the University of South Alabama, has been selected to receive a full scholarship called the 100 Black Men USA Scholars of Perseverance and Social Justice. English said a high school teacher inspired her to get involved. “He told us that the world depends on our generation and we need to make our votes count,” she said.

Madison English receives the first social justice scholarship from the 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile and the University. More

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