Primary Technology: Millimeter wave flowmetry to detect peripheral blood flow

President: Dr. David Nelson
(Professor and Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Company/Tech Description:

Millitherm, Inc. is a medical device company, currently developing a Millimeter Wave Flowmetry (MMWF) technology and method for non-contacting, non- invasive measurement of blood flow in human skin. There are numerous clinical and non-clinical situations in which the measurement of skin blood flow would be a useful and meaningful indicator of circulatory function, including diagnosis and management of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), often associated with Type 2 diabetes, and vascular patency in skin flaps.


David Nelson, PhD
Department of Mechanical Engineering University of South Alabama
150 Student Services Drive
Shelby Hall, Room 3127
Mobile, AL 36688
Office: (251) 460-6168

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