Student Disability Services

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The Office of Student Disability Services is open but in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are maintaining social distance guidelines. As such, virtual meetings and teleconferencing will be offered.  What does this mean for you? The Innovations in Learning Center has provided us with information regarding Zoom, the platform in which we will hold these offices hours. You may click the link provided here to familiarize yourself with Zoom: Zoom Web Meetings

Our staff stands at the ready to provide students registered with the office, or students wishing to register with the office. Our Office Hours are as follows: 

Faculty members, please click here to get insight into making your classes accessible.

The University of South Alabama is thrilled to introduce you to our new portal for registration with the Office of Student Disability Services. Click Here to Access AIM and register with our office today. 

The University provides services to students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities. 

Students in need of accommodations due to a disability should make contact with the Office of Student Disability Services located at 320 Student Center Circle, Educational Services Building, Suite 19. While appointments will always be accepted, walk-in hours are Mondays from 1:30-2:30pm. This is subject to change without notification.

Contact us at (251)460-7212,

Students, please read below for info regarding campus operations:

▼   Is SDS still open? 

No. See the above info regarding Zoom. You may also Call us at (251) 460-7212 or email us at

▼   What happens now that exams are online? How do I get extended time for an online exam?

Beginning in Fall '20, certain exams may be available for proctoring.

Some instructors may opt for alternative assessments (e.g. essays, untimed exams) which would not require exam accommodations. If your instructor is creating online timed exams, please notify your instructor if you will need extended time. Academic departments are responsible for setting up extended testing time in Canvas or Sakai.

SDS is available to instructors and students to consult about unique circumstances. 

▼   With Fall being a hybrid semester, will I still need a notetaker?

With all classes being hybrid, your course material will be available on Canvas or Sakai. You may find that you no longer need a note-taker due to the course design changes. For example, lectures that are pre-recorded videos can be watched at your own pace. On the other hand, some instructors may still opt for scheduled class meetings with real-time communication using Canvas or Sakai.

Regardless of your decision to continue receiving notes, all established note-takers will receive compensation for their notes.

▼   Does this affect Attendance and Deadline Modification (ADM) Agreements?
Completed ADM agreements will be honored, though reasonable modifications to the structure of the agreements may be needed with the shift to online instruction. Please contact your instructors to discuss any additional barriers presented by changes to the course format. 
▼   Am I required to wear a face mask while on campus?

All faculty, staff, and students are required to wear face coverings while on campus. However, if you have an underlying condition that inhibits the use of a face mask please contact SDS.  

▼   Where can I find additional online resources?
Resources are available in the SDS faculty portal. You may also reach out to our office with any questions or concerns. 


Faculty, please click this link for information regarding communicating with students during this transition.

New location: 320 Student Center Circle, Educational Services Building,

Suite 19

The Office of Student Disability Services at University of South Alabama is committed to assisting faculty in any way possible to better facilitate a positive learning environment of all students.