Students Majoring in Healthcare Programs

College of Nursing Students 

Who Is Eligible?

Those students that are attending classes (in a traditional classroom setting) on the Main Campus and Baldwin Campus.

Please note: Health Insurance Coverage For Those Eligible Students Enrolled In A “Healthcare Program” Must Be Purchased From The USA Student Health Center and Enrollment Information Sent on A School List. STUDENTS CANNOT ENROLL ONLINE!

Please note: If you are a Nursing student and all of your classes are Online, you will not be eligible to purchase the Student Health Insurance that is offered to the students attending classes on campus. Please refer to the Online Graduate Student link.

Please contact your university insurance representative, Rhonda Baxter at (251) 460-6022 or via email to enroll.


How Much Does The Plan Cost?

Hard Waiver Full-Time Student Status  Undergraduate student: (min. of 12 credit hours); 
Graduate student: (min. of 6 credit hours)
Hard Waiver Part-Time Student Status Undergraduate student: (min. of 6 credit hours);
Graduate student: (min. of 3 credit hours)


Hard Waiver
Student Rates
8/1/20- 7/31/21
8/1/20- 12/31/20
1/1/21- 5/31/21
Spring / Summer
6/1/21- 7/31/21
Student $3,264 $1,368 $1,350 $1,896 $545
Spouse $3,264 $1,368 $1,350 $1,896 $545
One Child $3,264 $1,368 $1,350 $1,896 $545
Two or more Children $6,492 $2,721 $2,685 $3,771 $1,084


Benefit Information

Policy Brochure Manual 

Summary Brochure