Publishing Your Page

When you are ready to publish your page, you have the option to Publish Now or Schedule. When you are first developing your site, publishing now will not go to the live site until Web Services links it out. Once it is on the live site, any time you publish now, changes will be reflected on the live site.



You also have the ability to schedule your page to be published at a later time. Click Schedule at the top of the page and choose your date and time. You have the option of selecting a period for which the schedule is to repeat. Enter a number for how frequently the page should be published, and choose from the drop-down the period, or unit, for the number entered. You can also receive a notification when the page has been published if you leave the box checked Send to email.



You can send the page to another user within OU to review or approve the page based on their level of authority. Remember, this will lock the page until the person replies to your email. If you choose to, you can have users in your department set with different levels of authority. They can have ability to review only, edit, publish, or all three. We can even limit how much or little they can edit.