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The information on this web site comes from
Dr. Mimi Fearn's Field Work in Geography Class (GEO 480)
Department of Earth SciencesUniversity of South Alabama

Dog River and its tributaries drain most of Mobile, Alabama. Those tributaries range from relatively pristine streams to concrete lined drainage ditches to sluggish, sediment choked, tidal channels . As the city itself spreads out into the upper reaches of the watershed, poorly managed construction and the replacement of natural vegetation with impermeable surfaces contribute to the deterioration of water quality in Dog River. Sediment , sewage, and trash are the major issues. This urban watershed empties into Mobile Bay, a National Estuary.

Students enrolled in GEO 480 (Field Work in Geography) at the University of South Alabama study problems related to water quality in the Dog River Watershed. The objectives for GEO 480 are to improve the studentsí research and writing skills, to apply classroom knowledge to a real world problem, and to provide information of value to the community. The project reports below are the results of the studentsí research. There are no copyrights on this website, but please credit the website and the student if you use information or pictures from any of the pages. Joe Dwyer Duke created the original site in 1997 as well as made the color map below.

Table at bottom of this page shows currently available Dog River  reports. Click on the map below for a closer view of the watershed.

Dog River Watershed
Dog River Clearwater Revival
Map of Dog River Watershed
Air Photo of Dog River
after Hurricane Georges
Air photo of Dog River
after a heavy rain
Relief Map of Dog River watershed
by Vince Walker

Local Political Contacts
Papers from 2015
Jeanett Bosarge
Land Use Effects on Water Quality in Alligator Bayou

Claude Buerger
Tree Stress Rings

Doreen Dilks
A Park in Name Only: A Study of Developed and Undeveloped Parks

Sean Kearley
Water Level Rise Due to Rainfall
Tracy McClure
Roadside Drainage Ditches
Cody Morris
Armored Ditch Degradation and Erosion Issues
JC Rivera
Rainwater Infiltration into MAWSS's Sewer System
Brandi Stewart
Effectiveness os "Mosquito Spraying" in Spencer Branch
Tyler Tatum
Effects of McGowin Park Construction on Adjacent Waterway
Logan Wheeler
Salinity Movement in Dog River
Taylor Campbell, 2014
Vulnerable Sites to Potential Hazardous Material Spills

Jarrod Cunningham, 2014
Infiltration Rates Of Areas Near Halls Mill Creek

Tyler Crum, 2014
Fish Distribution within the Montlimar and Michael Boulevard Canals
Robert M. Johnson. 2014
Changes in Stream Flow Within a Linear Channel

Skyler E. Sampson, 2014
The Correlation between Soil Permeability and Flooding

John M. Sibley, 2014
Aerial Reconnaissance of Observed Sediment in Robinson Bayou

Kaci Stokley, 2014
Biodiversity of Aquatic Invertebrates in the Dog River Watershed
Christopher W. Taylor, 2014
Litter:  Differences Between Dirt Roads With or Without Dwellings

Logan Anderson, 2013
Service Learning Project Distribution in the Dog River Watershed

Ryan Brown, 2013
Koi, an Invasive Aquatic Species in Dog River

Hunter Griffin, 2013
Locating the Salt-Fresh Ecotone in Dog River
Regina Kirkland, 2013
Dog River Clearwater Revival
Anthony McGrady, 2013
Thirty Years of Land Use Change
Water Hyacinth in Dog River, 2013
Harold Woulard
Donald Brinkman, 2012
Alligator Distribution in Dog River
Mary Green, 2012
 Cigarette Filter Disposal
Brian Hewes, 2012
Using GIS to Improve Sewer Line Maintenance
Sarah Hill, 2012
 Storm Surge and Evacuation Routes in Dog River Watershed
Gabrielle Hudson, 2012
 Litter in Densely Versus Sparsely Populated Areas
Marine Karapetyan, 2012
Litter along the Montlimar Canal

Tela O'Rourke, 2012
 Derelict Boats in Dog River, Alabama

Marlena Slaughter, 2012
Litter Potential of Subwatersheds Within Dog River Watershed
Robert Spinetti, 2012
Diurnal Pattern of Dissolved Oxygen
Zach Warner, 2012
Eslava Creek Parkway Collapse Threat
Kal-El Waters-Jones, 2012
Population Changes in the Dog River Watershed Over Time

Alyson Cederholm, 2011
Rainfal inflow into Threemile Creek Sewershed

Christopher Frederick, 2011
Sediment Sources in Spring Creek

Ryan Granier, 2011
Demographics and Litter

Anthony Johnson, 2011
Natural versus Channelized Streams

John C. Breckenridge, 2011
Hurricane Frederick, facilitator of Climate Change

Kraig Walsh, 2011
Water Quality: before and After Precipitation
Steven Brown, 2010
Illegal Dumping at Bridge Sites
Forrest Coffman, 2010
Water Quality in a Neighborhood Reservoir
Hugh Dowling, Jr., 2010
Sedimentation's Effect on Soils and Vegetation
Jerrod Frederking, 2010
Rainfall Inflow into Sewer Lines
Michelle Holloway, 2010
Silt Fence Effectiveness
Andrew Keith, 2010
GIS Analysis of Potential Water Infiltration
Henry Perkins, 2010
Stream Velocity Comparisons
Joshua Pritchard, 2010
Land Use Change in the Dog River Watershed
Vincent Walker, 2010
Educating Minority Youth about Watersheds
Samantha Warren, 2010
Conservation Easements
Charles White, 2010
Safety of Stream Water in West Mobile

Hunter Winstanley, 2010
Marsh Degradation at the Mouth of Moore Creek

Peter Campbell, 2009
Bottle Bill to Reduce Litter

Stephen Cochrane, 2009
Water Quality and Urban Development

Stephen Madden, 2009
Combatting Impermeable Surfaces

Mark Mitchell, 2009
Dissolved Oxygen: Paved Versus Unpaved Surfaces

Joel Plagge, 2009
Interception Loss in a Tributary of Milkhouse Creek

Nick Stricklin, 2009
An Analysis of Streambank Protectorson Dog River

Doni Thompson, 2009
Impact of Construction on the Dog River Watershed

Ashley Turton, 2009
Field Evaluation of Channel Types in Dog River's Tributaries

Doug Williams, 2009
Power Line Right-of-Ways and Water Quality

Tim Witt, 2009
Public Outreach Through GIS

Sean Huber, 2008
Effectiveness of the Debris Barriew

Chris Murphy, 2008
Land Development and Water Quality

Whitney Mazyck, 2008
Illegal Dumping at Bridge Sites

T.R. Risner, 2008
Relationship between Hardness and Rainfall in Eslava Creek

Phillip Whatley, 2008
Dog River Watershed Demographics

Jennifer Reynolds, 2008
Searching for Sediment Sources in Bolton Branch

Tony Felts, 2007
Comparison of Creeks Based on Land Use

Michael Hyland, 2007
Montlimar Canal Greenway

Lauren McConnell, 2007
Proof of Contamination

Chad Whaley, 2007
Stream Channel Morphology

Bonnie Davis, 2007
Litter along Michael Boulevard

Marie Cross, 2007
Testing the Effectiveness of Retention Ponds

Jyoti Rai, 2007
Biodiversity of Benthic Invertebrates

Justin Beebe, 2007
Channelization of Spring Creek

Maggie Kendrick, 2007
Streamwalks Revisited

Amanda Botts, 2007
Increase in Impermeable Surfaces over Time

Kristie Thomas, 2006
Litter Accumulation Rates

Erica Hay, 2006
Trash Here, Trash There, Trash Everywhere

Amy Milam, 2006
Indicators of Saltwater Intrusion in Dog River

Cory Rhodes, 2006
Does "Only Trash Litter?" : Revisited
Jason Kudulis, 2006
Streamwalks to Increase Awareness and Recreation
Andrea Peterson, 2006
Water Quality's Dependency on Riparian Vegetation
Philip Herron, 2006
Analysis of Soil Types in the Rabbit Creek Sub-watershed

John Chadwick, III, 2006
Lower Channelized Portion of Spring Creek
Blake Pool, 2006
New Urbanism and the Dog River Watershed

Travis Jones, 2006
Effect of Urbanization on Detention Ponds
Gabriel Dean, 2005
Sedimentation in the Dredged Channel in Dog River

Shawn Gable, 2005
Private Versus Public Construction Site Management

Michael Olmstead, 2005
Montlimar Canal Greenway

Dusty Reed, 2005
Significance of Wetlands in Urbanized Locations
Preston Ellison, 2004
Turbidity Levels of Moore Creek's Tributaries in Relation to Rainfall Events

Gene Longenecker, 2004
A Survey of USA Student Knowledgeand Perceptions Regarding Environmental Issues

Candice McCullough, 2004
Conservation of Small Wetland Areas
Vince George, 2004
The Alba Club: Dog River's Oldest Friend
Jennifer Robinson, 2004
The Effect of Non-point Source Pollution in Halls Mill Creek

Russell Hunt, 2003
Biodiversity and Invasive Exotics in  Halls Mill Creek
Gerrit Carver, 1998
Aerial Reconnaissance of Dog River
Sherry Allison, 2001
Streambank Protectors on Rabbit Creek
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