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Mimi Fearn


Although sometimes I feel like I do not have a life outside my job, there are people I love and things I enjoy that have NOTHING to do with USA.  I have a noisy parrot (Tinker) who makes a great "watchbird" because he screeches at anyone who comes near the house. I also have two dogs, Jasmine, a rescued girl from Tennessee that I have had since 2006, and Freckles, a rescue girl from Monroeville (2007). My grandson Mark and my grand-dog Daisy live with me here in Mobile, so we have a lively noisy household. Mark is a senior at Murphy High School.  My son Paul lives in Seattle where he is working on his Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Washington. My daughter Gaye is in Bozeman, Montana. See below for my favorite family photos! I stay in touch with family, friends, and students I know well on Facebook. 

One of my favorite sayings is that people always find the time to do the things they really want to do. Since I manage to fit reading, walking, and gardening into my schedule on a regular basis, those are the things I must really love to do. Mostly I read fantasy and science fiction. My favorite authors are Sheri Tepper, Charles de Lint, and Robin Hobb. I walk the dogs every afternoon, and I try (not always successfully to exercise some at school as well). I have lots of potted plants, and I collect leaves for mulching shrubbery from my neighbors, who probably think I am crazy. Things I like but don't find the time for very often include canoeing/kayakking, sailing, swimming, biking, camping, and hiking.

Favorite photos: 
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                            & Daisy
Gaye and Daisy kayaking on the Escatawpa, summer 2010

Mark Zip-line
Mark on zip-line in Milton, FL

Jasmine, Freckles, and me in the backyard.

Mark and Mimi Zip-lining

On the Escatawpa in summer 2010

Daisy, Freckles, and Jasmine ready to go.

Mimi on the USA rock wall. Yes, I have made it to the top.

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