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Miriam (Mimi) Fearn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geography

Department of Earth Sciences
(251) 460-6381  office
(251) 461-1487  fax 


Personal Statement

My area of expertise is paleoecology. Specifically, I use pollen, phytoliths, and diatoms preserved in sediments to reconstruct past environments. My academic training is in physical geography, biogeography, and botany. I have analyzed sediment cores from coastal lakes, estuaries, and marshes from southwestern Louisiana to Panama City, Florida.

Research with Undergraduate students (UCUR)

      2011, Low dissolved oxygen in Eslava Creek with Wes Trussell

      2010, Sediment accumulation in local lakes with Vince Walker

      2009, Pollen analysis of exposed peat on the Fort Morgan Peninsula with Ashley Turton

      2004, Phytoliths of Chocalata Bay with Kristie Thomas 

Changes in water conditions and sedimentation rates associated with
       construction of the Mobile Bay Causeway - EPA/ACES

Spatial and statistical analyses of death rates in Alabama

Resolution of sedimentation rates using Cesium 137 - EPA/ACES

Holocene sedimentary history of Weeks Bay, Alabama - EPA/ACES

Prehistoric proxy hurricane record - NSF and RPI

Early corn pollen in coastal Alabama - NSF

Paleoecology of southwestern Louisiana - NSF
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