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Miriam (Mimi) Fearn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geography

Department of Earth Sciences
(251) 460-7573  office
(251) 461-1487  fax 

Personal Statement

My objective as a teacher is to facilitate my students' acquisition of knowledge. I strive for informative, well-organized, and interesting lectures which relate the topic to experiences students may have or to current world issues. Most of my classes include some form of cooperative learning in which students work with their peers. My exams require students to understand information and to apply concepts. I prefer not to use multiple choice or true-false questions because I believe they do not promote quality learning, however, in my large introductory classes, I do use multiple choice exams by necessity. Students review their old exams for each subsequent test to increase retention of information. I recognize that students are adults with responsibilities and priorities of their own, and I try to respect and accept the influence their choices have on their classroom performance. I believe learning can be fun, and I personally enjoy teaching and interacting with my students.

Fall 2012 Schedule

Courses and Syllabi for Year 2012 (and beyond)

GEO 101 (Every Spring, Tues./Thurs. morning, Every Summer, second half term)
Atmospheric Processes and Patterns

GEO 102 (Every Fall, Tues./Thurs. morning)
Landscape Processes and Patterns

GEO 320 (W) (Fall 2012, Wed. night)
Alabama Geography

GEO 410 (Fall 2013, Wed. night)

GEO 490 Special Topic (last taught Fall 2009)

GEO 480 (W) (Spring 2013, Friday afternoon and occasional Saturday)
Field Work in Geography

GEO 494, 496, AIS 430 (As requested)
Directed Studies, Internships in Geography
Adult Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Projects

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