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JagNet vs JagMail

JagMail is the University's email system. JagNet is the authentication system used to access JagMail and other systems on campus.

Student Account Activation

If you are a student and want to Activate your JagMail account, click on the "Manage Student Account" button. The next window will include an "Activate" button.
Please see the Activate JagMail Step by Step document for full instructions.

Faculty/Staff Account Activation

Faculty and Staff should first click on the "Manage Faculty/Staff Account" button, then the "Request" button.

Group/Generic Account Activation

If you want to request a departmental or organizational account (including for student organizations) click on the 'Manage Faculty/Staff Account" button, followed by the "Request" button.

I don't remember my new JagMail address or password.

If a student, just redo your Account Activation under the Manage Student Account. Faculty/Staff should click Password Reset under the Manage Faculty/Staff Account section.

I've activated my new JagMail account, but still can't log in.

Usually this is because you have not correctly noted your new password. We recommend that students go to the Account Management page and redo the Activate/Reset process to set your password again. You can't hurt anything by doing this. Faculty and Staff can reset their password in the Manage Faculty/Staff Account section.


Trying to login to JagSPOT? Here's how:

  • Your "Login" is your Jag Number
  • Your "Password" is your JagNet / JagMail password
  • Use these credentials on the JagSPOT login page

Contact Us

If you still have unanswered questions (be sure to check the FAQs!), you may contact the Academic Computing Office of the University Computer Services Center by email helpdesk@southalabama.edu or telephone at (251) 460-6161. We respond to email and have technical staff available to address your problems during business hours (Monday -Friday, 8-5PM). The Computer Services Center has on-duty operators 24 hours and accepts calls regarding major problems or system unavailability.