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Economics, finance and real estate are interrelated disciplines dealing with capital and resource allocation. Economics studies how individuals and societies choose to produce, distribute and consume scarce resources. Finance examines the origination and management of money, credit, banking and investment. Real estate professionals use both economic and financial insight to sell and develop property.

Jobs in Economics, Finance and Real Estate

  • Financial planner/wealth manager
  • Commercial banker
  • Insurance agent 
  • Corporate financial analyst
  • Real estate agent/broker/manager

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Aspiring Diplomat Sees Economics as an Agent for Positive Change

Sahilee Waitman

You’re going to hear about Sahilee Waitman — as a diplomat, an international trade expert, maybe even secretary-general of the United Nations.

“I would love to work for the United Nations and be a world leader,” she said. “Now what specific area that might be in, who knows? I would love to work initially somewhere in the area of trade or negotiating between countries, maybe be an ambassador.”

Lofty goals, to be sure. She lays them out with the air of someone eager to make life better for people. Her chosen lever for moving the world is economics.

She majored in economics at South (technically, economics, finance and real estate with a concentration in economics). “Economists compile data and human science and bring that together: Why are people doing what we do? How do we strive? How do we divvy up these resources? Everything revolves around economics.”


“Everything revolves around economics.”


As a Mitchell College of Business undergrad, she changed majors a couple of times before her classroom experiences showed her that economics was “the best-fitting major for me.” Understanding the economics behind problems and proposed solutions made her more effective at “the things that really fueled me: advocating for people, being involved in community.”

She comes by her international perspective naturally. Born in Belgium, she grew up in the Netherlands with her Surinamese-Dutch mother and African American father, who died when she was 16. Jose Waitman played basketball at South in the 1980s and then professionally in Europe, where he met Sahilee’s mother. Sahilee came to South in his honor.

She made her own mark as president of the Student Government Association. After graduation, she pursued a master’s degree in international competition and trade in Istanbul, Turkey.

She has done her dad proud. And she’s just getting started.

Did You Know?

  • Select finance students manage the Jaguar Investment Fund, a stock portfolio worth more than $1 million.
  • Real estate concentration students who join Jaguar Realty can be reimbursed for licensing fees and earn commissions working as real estate agents.
  • The Mitchell College of Business has 11 Bloomberg Terminals, and students can obtain a Bloomberg Terminal Certification.



Dr. Huubinh Le
Interim Chair, Associate Professor
Department of Economics and Finance
(251) 414-8053

Curriculum and Degree Requirements