Mindfulness Challenge

Peace Out

Recognizing that physical exertion is only part of a holistic wellness plan, we want to challenge you in a more serene but just as important mental serenity exercise. Finding time daily to meditate and mentally relax to stress less is just as important for your overall well-being than walking or running every day. Developing this partnership between mind and body will do more for your complete health and wellness than either component by itself. Research is clear that the combination of the two provides benefits significantly more than the sum of the two parts. Convinced, I hope so.

This challenge can be done at your desk, outside on a beautiful day, in a group class or about anywhere. Just log your daily minutes in the form above.  The challenge will begin on the first day of every month and end at on the last day of the month.

Monthly winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded to the winners in several categories including random drawings for prize winners out of all participants who took part that month. We will reset the challenge each and every month so those just joining the movement will have the opportunity to step in and compete. We will have various group challenges along the way that will also be totaled up and posted. Get ready to step out and Join the Movement!


October Leaders (Minutes)

  • Russ Cantrell 1050
  • Darla Stokes 980
  • Kim Graves 870