Running Challenge

Get Your Dash On

If you prefer kicking it beyond the pedestrian walking pace, this challenge may be what you’re looking for. No need to bother counting steps as you race along your path. Just track your distance in miles or fractions of miles and enter it into the form above. The challenge will begin on the first day of each month and end on the last day of the month.

Monthly winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded to the winners in several categories, including random drawings for prize winners who took part in the challenge for the month. We will reset the challenge each month, so those just joining the movement will have the opportunity to run in and compete. We will have various group challenges along the way that will also be totaled up and posted. Get ready to get your run on and Join the Movement! 

October Leaders (Miles)

  • James Contratto 115.4
  • Candice Cravins 111.13
  • Ellen Wilson 92.72